Friday, January 29, 2010

When was the last time a CD moved you?

Today I finally broke down and bought the "Hope for Haiti Now" CD on iTunes--originally, I wasn't going to buy it. Straight up, I am on of those people not comfortable with emotions. The first single I heard was "Hallelujah" and  man does it make those emotions come out. Hell I'm listening to it now,and still getting goose bumps and choked up. The next track I listened to was Alicia Keys's "Send Me an Angel". I almost felt guilty for listening to it because it was as if I was eavesdropping on the prayers of those in Haiti--but I thin that is the point, you know? To really get the listener to walk that mile in the people of Haiti's shoes. The song that made me decide to purchase the CD was "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)". It truly is an up-lifting song and gives me hope that there is hope for those in Haiti. I think the CD was like $7.99 (the cost of a mixed drink at a mid-tier establishment, or two lattes at Starbucks) and there are 20 songs on it. I mean, it does take you on an emotional roller coaster, but that is the point of the CD. Although I was hesitant to buy it, I am going on record and recommending it to all of you all. It is money well spent no matter how you look at it.

Sources: I got all video links from whatever the people I got it from cited,or disclaim, I do to... (I hope that's legal enough for bloggin purposes... guess it's going to have to be huh? haha.)/


  1. going on record?! wow : P i'm glad it moved you, it has probably moved everyone, but i haven't listened to it because i don't really do itunes.

  2. haha... is worth doing iTunes for... hmm, i also found it on amazon--and after i figured out their interface, it grew on me. i mean, sometimes i also just look up the tracks and then youtube it--thats normally how i determine if a song is with buying, because who (aside from record execs) can make up their mind in 30 seconds? lol