Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is school really starting on Tuesday?!

chool is going to be starting on Tuesday! FML man. I have a million and a half things I should have done this holiday to prep for the Spring term. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. haha. I actually spent an extra day at home because I was having a great time just chilling with  Mom and Dad.(Side note, Dad started running again and totally kicked my ass on a run the other morning...Looks like the gym and stadium are going to be my new best  friend this term.)

This is my last term in Gainesville! I know that the first week is going to be nothing more than "social gatherings" and falling back into the grove of things... Needless to say, I am VERY excited about this. :-D

In my excitement and preparation for my return to Gainesville, I  decided to throw together a polyvore of the look/s I will be rocking for the first part of this term. I named this set "The Three Amigos".

Although the formula for these three looks remains the same, the corresponding accessories give each outfit a personality its own. Here goes the description I posted on Polyvore.

The first one likes his beer,

The second likes his shots,

One and Two throw up all year,

While Three drinks Scotch on rocks.

Does that help you see what I mean about how accessories change the feel of a look?

Well, I need to go pack :-/ but blog again soon...

This week starts my more formatted blog! Wish me luck!


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.


  1. awesome. and yes fyl. i'd die if school started on tuesday, wth is up with that?! LOL i am wishing you the best of luck