Friday, January 1, 2010

Did I Start 2010 off right?

This New Years is a bittersweet New Years for me. Bitter because this was my last day at GUESS? for the season; sweet because I bought the sickest pair of Cole Haan tennis shoes. I know I was/am suppose to be saving money, BUT I figure, these are a great addition to my wardrobe. Not to mention, I took back the Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt I bought earlier this week. I really want to step up my look this term and I feel like sweat shirts, regardless of brand, are not really going to have a place in it. What do you think of my first purchase of 2010? Pretty sweet eh?



  1. those shoes are cute! i should've grabbed a seasonal you're going back to school in a couple weeks? what's your major? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. you worked a seasonal job you totally deserve it. haha im the LAST person you should ask if you should purchase something im like the girl in shopaholic i can rationalize ANY need for a purchase and dont worry I've been shopping like its my job since after christmas and my bank account is PISSED. no judgements here doll.

  3. i'm a sociology major...its a LONG story as to why im not doing something like fashion merchandising or something that i'm really passionate about...i'm done in may so it's all good. haha

    and im right there with you molls, my coworkers at GUESS? make fun of me because i know the sale cycle's of stores like no other...:-D