Monday, January 4, 2010

What will I do with out my GUESS? discount?!

I bought my last item today as a GUESS? sells associate. Definitely spent a little more than planned, but I figure I will be able to wear this watch even when I get out of the Peace Corps. (Side note...That is my new way of shopping, at least for the time being--I ask myself , "Will I be able to wear this item in 2012/2013?" )

Ain't she a beaut?

'Till next post,




  1. obsessed with watches right now! rachel zoe just did a post on two tone metal watches! way to be on trend doll.

  2. haha... yeah, watches, shoes and shades are my Achilles tendon if you can't tell by now. but i really do believe every man needs to have "THAT" watch in his collection...after a year of searching, i've found it!

  3. lol at your new shopping mind frame, i like it. i realized that when it comes to saving and scrimping, i do great for a while, but have no stamina!! that watch is beautiful, where's mine?! : P

  4. uh, i just saw how much money i spent over the holidays today... needless to say, i'm living like a pauper till april. haha