Tuesday, November 24, 2009

J'aimerais acheter des chaussures!


My favorite day of the year is literally right around the corner. Unlike most people, or "Christians", my favorite day is not Christmas. Hell, it isn't even my own birthday--which would most likely be the most logical guess.So, what is my favorite day of the year some of you all my be wondering... Well, it is BLACK FRIDAY!

I believe Black Friday--the day after Thanksgiving for those of you all living under a rock(unless you live out side the US in which case I mean no offense) is the best day of the year because it officially marks the start of the Christmas Season! It becomes okay to listen to Christmas songs, and be cheery at almost any time of the day for no reason in particular. It is also THE BEST day to shop. Stores lower prices like no other, and people go CRAZY.

I am so stoked for this Black Friday because I will be back in my comfort zone where I kick ass--RETAIL! I put in a call to an old manager,and will be working at GUESS? at International Plaza back in Tampa. I cannot wait! Who cares if I only have a few hours? I get to do something that I love, get paid for it, and get away from homework for a few hours.

While I am out, I plan on buying a pair of Crocs. (gasp... I know!) I really just want a pair for when I am bumming around the Ville, or when I am mad late to work, and don't feel like wearing shoes. I detest socks and shoes in general--unless they are Sperry's-- so Crocs will be a good compromise for me. I won't have to wear socks, and I can just slip them on and go. PLUS, they are mad comfortable. If I a lucky, I can get my mom to buy me a new pair of Sperry's and pick up a few RL polos form Dillard's or something on my way out from work.

Well, it's off to finish my french homework that is due tomorrow. I have a D in the composition portion of my class, SO, I really have to do well on these. GAH, j' amie parler en français mais je ne peux pas écrire en francais!(I don't even know how correct that is!FML.)

Peace out for now homies!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why not? It's been almost two weeks!


I decided to take a break from blogging because I realized I was blogging to avoid homework... After about two weeks of not blogging, I realized that it does not matter if I blog or not because I somehow manage to find something else to occupy my time.

Might as well be somewhat productive--in my not being productive-- and broadcast what I AM actually accomplishing in my life these days.

One of the the major projects on my plate is the planning and execution of a conference on my campus. It will be sponsored by a Student Government Agency (S.T.A.A.R--Students Taking Action Against Racism) at my university. The working title is "Deconstructing Racism". I'll come back and add in all the links within the next few days.

The next major project I am working on is a fashion show to bring awareness about malaria in third world countries. The idea is to construct garments out of mosquito net-like material and have aspiring designers compete against each other in a "Project Runway"-like manor. The organization that is putting this event on is Recurso--an amazing non-profit organization organization on my campus that is based on global, humanitarian work.

I am also serving as a liaison of sorts between my University's Student Government and the committee organizing the world's largest water balloon fight! All proceeds from the event are going to help fund research for a breast cancer cure. I'm extremely excited to serve on this committee.

That's the main stuff I can think of right now that is my campus involvement life. I know I am missing something, but I cannot really worry about that right now--I'll figure it out when I build my calender for next term.

I'll be back later to just blog about my opinions on the news. Get excited!

Until then,
Take care!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why do I procrastinate?

Procrastination is defined as putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time. I realize that procrastination plays the largest role in my life when it comes to school work. I do not mean for this to come off as pretentious, but I am a pretty smart individual. The reason I do not have the grades I should have is due mainly in part to my procrastination which stems from my lack of interest in most assignments I am given. (Take right now for instance, I should be writing French compositions and reading for that dreadfully boring Sociology course that I wrote about earlier, but instead, I am blogging.)

I always stress myself out when it comes to deadlines for school assignments, yet somehow always manage to come through in the clutch. I guess you could label me a "clutch student". I am completely capable of remembering deadlines, and keeping track of everything on my plate; I am just not motivated to complete some of them.

I have always known that I am terrible and completing task which I see no purpose in completing. Where as I have been conditioned to think grades are important, I do not see things that way, therefore I do not act accordingly. I am more concerned with the real world, and as a result, I tend to focus most of my energy completing task I feel relevant to the real world. In the grand scheme, I guess I figure that a C here and there is not really a big deal, because one day, I will be evaluated based on my work ethic, and not my grades--even though I guess initially, I may be judged on my mediocre grades huh?

It is this frustration that motivates me to do well in my life. One day soon I hope to only have projects and task that interest me taking up my time and energy. I excel in anything I like, and rarely procrastinate when it comes to those--in fact, often times I complete those task far prior to even looking at my other task.

I do not mean to come off as some lazy prick that is just bitching because he has not gotten his way, but seriously, it is times like this that I cannot help but ask "what am I doing with my life?!" I am unhappy because I have so much on my plate that does not interest me that I cannot even do what I like doing. Sure, theoretically, I could do what I like, and once that is complete, I would be able to knock out the other required task; however, because I actually enjoy what I would be doing so much, I could spend all day working on it and continue to come up with ways to improve it.

On that note, I need to get back to my homework which I have managed to post-pone for more than two hours.

Man do I need college to be over with!


Friday, November 6, 2009

What IS the point of school?


So, here's the deal... I am currently sitting in a class that bores me to the point that I am actually considering giving up a road trip and a few weeks of partying in order to pay the fee to drop it.

I seriously came to class, to have the instructor re-read the syllabus to us. WTF?! We have four weeks of school left! There really is no point to re-vamping the class at this point.

I am pretty much frustrated because this class has nothing to do with anything. There IS potential within the subject of the course for us to pull from, but the teacher pretty much blows at facilitating discussion. Instructors like this are the reason I know that I want to become a professor.

This instructor cannot be more than 8 years older than me; what credibility does she have to be teaching me? Home-girl lives in the books, not the real world. I am not saying that you have to be old to be an instructor, but I believe one should actually HAVE experience in the field they teach.

I plan on actually having a career for 20+ years, and then eventually "retiring" into professorship.

Class just ended, but I will be using this blog to tweak the skills which will make me more competitive in whatever part of the real-world I plan on eventually ending up in. I will be posting school projects, as well as random commentaries on various random topics that interest me, so get excited!.

Until next post,