Tuesday, November 24, 2009

J'aimerais acheter des chaussures!


My favorite day of the year is literally right around the corner. Unlike most people, or "Christians", my favorite day is not Christmas. Hell, it isn't even my own birthday--which would most likely be the most logical guess.So, what is my favorite day of the year some of you all my be wondering... Well, it is BLACK FRIDAY!

I believe Black Friday--the day after Thanksgiving for those of you all living under a rock(unless you live out side the US in which case I mean no offense) is the best day of the year because it officially marks the start of the Christmas Season! It becomes okay to listen to Christmas songs, and be cheery at almost any time of the day for no reason in particular. It is also THE BEST day to shop. Stores lower prices like no other, and people go CRAZY.

I am so stoked for this Black Friday because I will be back in my comfort zone where I kick ass--RETAIL! I put in a call to an old manager,and will be working at GUESS? at International Plaza back in Tampa. I cannot wait! Who cares if I only have a few hours? I get to do something that I love, get paid for it, and get away from homework for a few hours.

While I am out, I plan on buying a pair of Crocs. (gasp... I know!) I really just want a pair for when I am bumming around the Ville, or when I am mad late to work, and don't feel like wearing shoes. I detest socks and shoes in general--unless they are Sperry's-- so Crocs will be a good compromise for me. I won't have to wear socks, and I can just slip them on and go. PLUS, they are mad comfortable. If I a lucky, I can get my mom to buy me a new pair of Sperry's and pick up a few RL polos form Dillard's or something on my way out from work.

Well, it's off to finish my french homework that is due tomorrow. I have a D in the composition portion of my class, SO, I really have to do well on these. GAH, j' amie parler en français mais je ne peux pas écrire en francais!(I don't even know how correct that is!FML.)

Peace out for now homies!


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