Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Am I Doing In The Peace Corps?!

Hey Guys!

Sorry to have been a flake. Those last days of undergrad were a beast, but guess what?! I'm done! (Well, I have one more assignment, but that is not due till the 28th, and I'll have it knocked out by the Tuesday Morning, so its all good.)

I was able to meet with a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) who is currently in middle of no where South America, but who has my slated assignment which is "Community Development with a Focus in Youth". He has been able to accomplish so much in his year there thus far that it inspired me to start thinking.

I have started a second blog, "What Am I Doing In The Peace Corps?!" that I hope all of you all follow. Internet is pretty limited in most, if not all, the Peace Corps cites, so I figured I'd simply: 1)create a blog, and 2)create a listserv of sorts to keep everyone up to date on whats going on in Africa.

Now that I have finished this post, I am going to switch blogs, and work on the new one for a minute so I can have something ready for friends and family members who will be getting their announcements soon.

Peace out homies,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Where has my time gone?!

I guess it is appropriate that the next look I've created for my project is called "The Time-Crunched Intern."

This look was built with two thoughts in mind--efficiency and practicality.This look is PERFECT for the woman, or intern, on the run. There are so many benifits to having a uniform, the main one being that one doesn't have to think about what they are going to wear in the morning.

Before you jump on me:
  • I chose black pumps because everyone woman should own a pair of these.
  • I chose a black belt because it goes with the pumps, and the black bag.
  • I chose a white blazer because both women will be in DC during the summer, so it is the most appropriate given the season.
  • I chose a black watch because it will go best with the evening look once the jacket is removed.
As always,

Happy blogging,


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why did I think this would be an easy project?

I definitely bit off a little more than I thought when I decided to create and analyze feminine adaptations of masculine looks. After a great deal more work than planned, I have complete the second look of my project. I call this look, "The Senators' Daughters".

 The inspiration behind this set is the classic suit. True, women have a version their own--as we should all be aware of thanks to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton--but these adaptations are much more youthful and  flattering versions of the pantsuits (literally) seen around the world.

Before you jump on me:
  • The jackets are more fitted,shorter than the traditional jacket because it is more  flattering and age appropriate than the traditional jacket. 
  • I went for a more modern pant because the women I am dressing are in their early twenties, and should not have to suffer older-women pants EVER. 
  • The "Oxford Bootie" is PERFECT for The Hill! Who cares if you have to search high and low to find them-someone seriously screwed up when they stopped that trend and I hope they read/see this.
  • I threw flats into the look, because once again, it's more practical to wear flats in the streets/when in commute, and to wear pumps when inside/walking short distances. 
  • Both bags are of ample size to carry documents and shoes in. 
 Now that this post is done, it's time to start yet another one. Be on the look out for another post!

As always,

Happy blogging,


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who said DC has to be boring?!

As promised, here is one of the many looks I am putting together for my female friends heading up to DC for work and internships. I call this look, "The Budding Intern".

Both women I am dressing for  DC will be working in the more conservative circles on The Hill, so I tried to keep that in mind while playing with looks. I basically thought of everything I, or any other well-dressed man, would wear on The Hill, and made it feminine. (As mentioned, these girls will be in more conservative circles, but that doesn't mean we can't take a little tongue-in-cheek to their look, and make them stand out for all the right reasons!)

Before you jump on me...
  • The flip flops are used when going from one building to another--there is no way a girl could do DC in 4 in. pumps, and live to tell the tale. 
  • The bag is actually 14in. x 13in. x 6in. so they can use it as a place to keep documents--and the pair of shoes they aren't wearing.
  • TIME magazine-or any other intellectual publication-IS A MUST for any DC commute. ("Small talk" in DC is a whole different ball game, so you have to stay on your toes."
  • Smart phones truly are a must! (How are you suppose to keep up with your schedule AND the schedule of someone else simultaneously? A traditional planner is also a must-we'll just say its in the bag for now. )
  • I purposely chose a metal watch over a leather watch because I believe using a leather watch will make the look TOO masculine and TOO old. 
  • Glasses are truly anyone's best friend; whether prescription or personality, they give people what I call "smart points" off the bat.
Now that this look has been posted/explained, be on the look out for more!

As always,

Happy blogging!


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why can't this be a class?

Sorry I have been M.I.A.,

The fashion show took it out of me, and I have been recovering--in terms of school work--ever since. (I am still working on my post about the show. This is Molly's post about it.) To keep me sane, I told a few of my friends that I'd help dress them for up coming events.

Friend one is looking to use the same dress for our graduation, and then again for a beach wedding a month or so later. For those reasons, I have titled her outfit, "The Graduating Wedding Guest".The look with the darker browns is what will be used for graduation, and the look with the gold is what will be used for the wedding.

Friend two is looking to stand out at her sororities semi-formal for all the right reasons.After deciding against going "the little black dress" route, we then started looking through white dresses--because white is Summer's black after all-- and red dresses because red is extremely sexy and looks amazing the right woman--and trust me, my friend is the right woman.I have named this look, "The Little Red Dress Ensemble."

Keep in mind, these are the "inspiration boards" so to speak, and are simply being used to give us a starting point for when we start shopping over the course of the week.

I also have two friends who are going to be in DC all summer, so get excited to see what I pull together for them.

Happy blogging, and I'll try to do better about posting now that everything is winding down!


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.