Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seriously, What would I do without Melissa Elizabeth?!

My good friend Melissa Elizabeth came through again for me--this time for a member on the board I sit on. Check out her "postcard" for the event.
She is still developing her website (and may actually be working on a site for me to post all the photos from events I work on) however, until  she is up and running, feel free to contact her at melissaelizabethdesigns@gmail.com.You will not be sorry you did so. She is mad professional and delivers what you ask for and more!

Sources: Melissa Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What would I do with out Melissa Elizabeth?!

Today, one of my good friends Melissa Elizabeth totally bailed my ass out! She answered my frantic text, and agreed to designer a  flyer for me literally on the spot. I'm talking minutes after she agreed, I was at her place to pick her up and start working on the task at hand. The first flyer wasn't bad; it just wasn't what my organization heads envisioned. I take complete responsibility for that flyer and for not better communicating what I needed.The second time around, I took what I learned from go one, and communicated with Melissa Elizabeth throughout the whole three-ish hour process. Well, after we had sent my flyer in, my organization heads were so pleased that they asked if she could do our whole month's flyer--keep in mind, all of this is set to be sent to the printers first thing in the morning. Melissa Elizabeth ended up staying an extra three-ish hours to knock our our months flyer, and it is absolutely beautiful!

What do you think of her work?! Effin awesome right?! 
(I made the fashion show flyer my phone back ground...no joke)

I truly am indebted  to Melissa Elizabeth. We are on Spring Break, and she had no obligation to do this for me, especially given last minuteness of the time deadline. She is an amazingly talented graphic designer, and an even better friend. As soon as her website is up and running, I'll post the link to my blog, but for now, you can reach her via email at  melissaelizabethdesigns@gmail.com


Sources: Melissa Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are they serious?!

I apologize for the somewhat more serious tone my blog has taken. Where as I am extremely passionate about fashion, my other passion lies in politics/current events--odd combo I know.

I was going through today's headlines when I came across this article on an up-coming Supreme Court hearing. I could not help but almost vomit in my mouth as I read this, how shall I say, interesting interpretation of the First Amendment. The case which will be heard by our "highest and finest" court is in regards to anti-gay protest at military funerals.

Now there are a million ways I can go with this, but I won't--I'll try to keep it as relevant to the article as possible. The anti-gay group is none-other than Topeka's , Westboro Baptist Church--a church whose url address  is "godhatesfags.com" mind you.(Now that just doesn't sound Christian does it?) This group chooses to picket at military funerals and claims that gays are the reason why we are at war, and the reason for all the casualties. If you are lost, don't worry, I am too. The church admits that they picket at military funerals because they know it will get them a lot of attention.

What type of sense does that make?! The group isn't even protesting the way, their SOLE purpose is against homosexuality. The reason this all pisses me off, is because they are getting away with all this, because they AREN'T talking about the victims whose funerals they are ruining. WTF?! How does this even make sense?! I honestly do not even know what purpose our constitution serves given everyone and their mother can use it except those whom it was meant to protect.   

I honestly do not know where I was going with this. I really just needed to get my thoughts out on the subject. I just really do not understand how the court can even entertain this hearing. I am all for freedom of speech--even if it is something I do not agree with--but have some class and respect about yourself when using that freedom of speech. Honestly, I don't understand why homosexuality is such a big topic.

If we are going to allow murders behind bars , adulterers, and divorcees to get married/remarried, then why can't gays? Everything I listed is arguably "frowned upon" in the Bible. Why does everything else get a pass, but for some reason, homosexuality is always debated? God said somewhere in the good book, that sin is sin.(Don't get it twisted, I don't think being gay is a sin by any means.) To me that means that there is no ranking in God's eyes when it comes to which sin trumps the other.He also tells us somewhere in the Bible that it is not our job to judge, but instead to love our neighbors. I guess the members of Westboro Baptist and I aren't reading the same book? This shit really just infuriates me.

I am doing my best to stay on topic, and make sense, but fear that I am failing miserably. With that, I am logging off.

I'd love to read your thoughts though,


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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Would you shoot a crippled man with an assault riffel?

I didn't think so!

I know that we all have common sense, however, it appears that one (well, I guess five) of the officers employed by  my university's police department don't. My sister's Geography professors was shot in the face Tuesday night by a University of Florida police officer. According to the local papers, FIVE university police officers were not able to calm him after shooting him with a beanbag gun, AND after stunning him with a tazer gun. The papers also report that he was threatening police with a knife and a pole. SERIOUS?! WTF? The man suffered from polio as a child, and the "pole" was his ALUMINUM CANE he needed to walk with--even with his cane, he walks with a hunch. (He calls himself the "three legged child of Africa".)  I REALLY doubt that the knife would have caused any harm to five fully protected police officers--note the shield in the posted photo.

I am disgusted by this whole situation, and shocked that no national news source has picked it up. How is it that when Andrew Meyer, and "Don't taze me bro" went down, EVERYONE and their mother knew about it, however when a crippled man gets shot in the face, and is lying in critical condition in the hospital, no one gives two shits? Whats even more disgusting is that they are trying to say Kofi is mentally ill, and somehow blame the  whole situation on him. THAT is wrong! According to my sister and her classmates Kofi was completely competent. IF Kofi were in fact mentally ill, that makes this situation even more disgusting! Is this how were treat out mentally ill? Shoot them in the face to shut them up rather than give them the counseling they need?

I can go on and on, and probably will come back to the subject as the matter unfolds, but I really want to get the word out about this appalling event.

Here is a link to the story as covered by one of the area papers. Please dig around some more, as I mentioned, a lot of the coverage is SKETCH and stuff is being left out.


Sources: gainesvillesun.com