Thursday, March 11, 2010

What would I do with out Melissa Elizabeth?!

Today, one of my good friends Melissa Elizabeth totally bailed my ass out! She answered my frantic text, and agreed to designer a  flyer for me literally on the spot. I'm talking minutes after she agreed, I was at her place to pick her up and start working on the task at hand. The first flyer wasn't bad; it just wasn't what my organization heads envisioned. I take complete responsibility for that flyer and for not better communicating what I needed.The second time around, I took what I learned from go one, and communicated with Melissa Elizabeth throughout the whole three-ish hour process. Well, after we had sent my flyer in, my organization heads were so pleased that they asked if she could do our whole month's flyer--keep in mind, all of this is set to be sent to the printers first thing in the morning. Melissa Elizabeth ended up staying an extra three-ish hours to knock our our months flyer, and it is absolutely beautiful!

What do you think of her work?! Effin awesome right?! 
(I made the fashion show flyer my phone back joke)

I truly am indebted  to Melissa Elizabeth. We are on Spring Break, and she had no obligation to do this for me, especially given last minuteness of the time deadline. She is an amazingly talented graphic designer, and an even better friend. As soon as her website is up and running, I'll post the link to my blog, but for now, you can reach her via email at


Sources: Melissa Elizabeth Designs

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