Sunday, February 28, 2010

Would you go there?

I am so stoked. My friend Kayla from work is actually a very talented graphic designer. She heard about the fashion show and was more than happy to lend her skills to the project.

Check out what she was able to do with the list of sponsors I gave her and less than six hours of hard work. I LOVE IT!

The programs for the evening are going to be passports, seeing as the event's main theme is "Take Me There". The look we were going for was that of the country visa stamps and what not that goes on ones passport when they travel internationally. How do you all think she did?! I  cannot stop looking at these, they are amazing. I prefer this to way of listing sponsors any day over the straight up list.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's new with the fashion show?

Sorry I haven't updated y'all lately on the fashion show. The day of the show is getting SO close and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make sure everything is perfect.

Getting all the new stores to commit is a head ache, but will so be worth it. If all goes well, we will be working with Banana Republic,Body Shop (the make-up store), bebe, SolsticeLilly Pulitzer (Via The Colorful Gator), Buckle, American Apparel, Indigo Denim Co., Wolfgang, and Urban Thread (this sick store that sells Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Anthroplogie at discount prices--even though it's all new). All of these amazing stores paired with the eco-chic jewelry being lent to us by The Harn Museum, and all the amazing cultural wear VISA's members own will surely help make this a fashion show my campus will be talking about until...well... forever! haha.

We are using one of the ballrooms in our student union to host the event, and have decided to mirror the more modern runways designers have been favoring. Michael Kors showed his Spring/Summer 2010 line AND his Recent Fall 2010 line on this sort of runway--notice the turn and second stretch the models make once they've finished the first stretch? We have adapted this runway to fit our needs though and have decided rather than have two models on the same stretch, we'll just have them turn and walk down another stretch and then exit. (I'm sure we will have video of the night, so I'll just post it once I have access to it.)

The participating organizations are starting to submit their models, so I'm thinking that after this weekend, Molls, Krista, and Diva (the blogless stylist) will be able to start putting the looks together. So long as everything is photographed by March 5, I  will be able to mix and match looks, accessories, and models on my way to and from  Kentucky on March 12th and 14th. AHHH.. I'm so excited!If this were my job, I'd seriously bee the happiest guy in the world! I'm getting to produce a fashion show AND help a charity out.

I think that's pretty much everything for the show... I'll probably blog again about the show once we get everything official--that will all be done no later than Tuesday, God willing.

Well, its off to bed for me, but I really wanted to update y'all on the progress of the event. It has consumed my life to the point of not being able to even blog about it. haha.

Till next post,


Sources: Did one of my famous Google searches  headless chicken and took the one I liked the most/ Molls's Blog/ Krista's Blog/ Facebook creepin' on my part for photo of Diva (I actually know her though so I don't count that as complete creepin'.)

What do you think about my "Mardi Gras" purchase?

When translated from French to English, Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday". Traditionally speaking, it is the day before Ash Wednesday or the day that starts the fasting season known as Lent. Back in the day, people used to pig out on food the night before Ash Wednesday because they were expected to fast for the next 40ish days until Easter or Good Friday-this changes based on denomination.You see, back in the day, at least from what I gather, Lent was somewhat Ramadan-like. Times in the Christian faith have changed though so now rather than abstaining from food all-together, we are encouraged to give up something we enjoy--the idea being that it will give us more time to spend building our relationship with God. (I am really watering this down--hence why I provided the link... plus my family is Methodist and my grandmother was Catholic until she married my grandfather so I am pretty sure I may have a blended explanation of Lent.)

I have decided to abstain from shopping (for myself) as one of my "fast". Lucky for me I bought these bad boys Saturday before I realized I was giving up shopping. I got them from a local store here in Gainesville named "Urban Thread". They get the catalog returns from stores like J.Crew and Urban Outfitters and sell them WAY below store price. I got these for 50 bucks AND they are J. Crew! WHAT WHAT?! Even if I did get these Saturday, it might as well be my Mardi Gras. I seriously feel like I am 5 again going through my cowboy boots phase because I have worn these EVERYDAY since I bought them--no joke.(The bottom is more of a brown color;  they just photograph blackish...)

Hopefully these are enough to hold me over until April 4 when I may shop freely again. I feel like me and the Big Guy are going to be pretty chummy by the end Lent.

Til next post,


Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is this Twitter thing?

So, I have started "Tweeting" again. I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but my Twitter will serve as a supplement of sorts to my blog. Where as one-liners do make it to my blog from time to time, Twitter will allow me the opportunity to share my better zingers with you--assuming I remember to post them right away. Twitter will also help me from going crazy because it will force me to focus my frustration by limiting my rant to 140 characters or less. I think I am most excited about the "what the frick were they thinking" post though... You know, those situations in life that stop you in your tracks and make you think to yourself  "what the frick were they thinking?!". Now you all can see them as they happen! haha. Get excited!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's that saying about doors closing and windows opening again?

This week has totally sucked... that is a fact. So instead of bitching about it, I decided to talk about the silver lining in what has been going on.

My team and I  are no longer working with the college of medicine for our fashion show; instead, we are working with Gators United for Haiti. I'm still not sure how I feel about this change, especially considering how the change happened, but that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that this is the new charity. Our school has pledged to raise $50,000.00 and I hope that our event can bring in 10% of it.

We have also decided to co-sponsor with two other organizations on our campus, Gators Going Green, and VISA. VISA is the largest umbrella organization on campus and  it is made up of 7 or 8 large multicultural organizations and countless other contributing organizations. We have changed the name of the show to "Take Me There: An Eco-chic Fashion Event Benefiting Gators United for Haiti " and plan on featuring eco-chic trends from around the world. I am always up for a challenge so I am stoked for this. The only drawback is that the day of the event has been moved forward from April 3 to March 22. At first I was not happy about this change of date, but after I realized Easter is April 4, I felt SO much better about the change.

The best news of the week is that I may have gotten Solstice Sunglass Boutique. I am always in there, so I figured I would ask the manager what she thought about the idea. Well, she LOVED it, and is telling her District Manager about it.I'll know for sure by Thursday what's up, so keep your fingers crossed for me and my team si vous plait.

My team and I are so stoked to finally have things moving in the right direction. My friend Lacie Ann is working on fund-raising for the event and I am stoked to have her on board for this project. Her roommate Krista is also working on the event with us. Now that the dates are in place, I feel more comfortable contacting a stylist I know so after my SG meeting tonight, I'll email them--unless they read this first in which case I am apologizing in advance for you reading this before I got to you. hahaa. One of my other friends is also helping with the event but has yet to start blogging, so I can't link to a page.

Well, the meeting is about to start, but just thinking about the event made my day from hell much better... I'll hop on later to clean up the post.

Sources: Gators United for Haiti/ VISA/ Solstice--did one of those Google searches I am famous for and picked the picture I liked most... Our store is much better than the picture I found, but the Solstice site pretty much blows so I did what I had to do. Quand meme, c'est la vie!