Sunday, February 28, 2010

Would you go there?

I am so stoked. My friend Kayla from work is actually a very talented graphic designer. She heard about the fashion show and was more than happy to lend her skills to the project.

Check out what she was able to do with the list of sponsors I gave her and less than six hours of hard work. I LOVE IT!

The programs for the evening are going to be passports, seeing as the event's main theme is "Take Me There". The look we were going for was that of the country visa stamps and what not that goes on ones passport when they travel internationally. How do you all think she did?! I  cannot stop looking at these, they are amazing. I prefer this to way of listing sponsors any day over the straight up list.


  1. that's awesome! i can always admire some good artwork : ) i'm glad things are going well with your project too

  2. This is amazing work for such a short space of time!!!

    Paddy☮ xx

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  3. yeah, i'm pretty lucky to know kayla... she's actually working on my flyers for me, so i should have those posted sometime by mid week. she'll also have a few more stamps added to the pass port page!