Thursday, February 18, 2010

What do you think about my "Mardi Gras" purchase?

When translated from French to English, Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday". Traditionally speaking, it is the day before Ash Wednesday or the day that starts the fasting season known as Lent. Back in the day, people used to pig out on food the night before Ash Wednesday because they were expected to fast for the next 40ish days until Easter or Good Friday-this changes based on denomination.You see, back in the day, at least from what I gather, Lent was somewhat Ramadan-like. Times in the Christian faith have changed though so now rather than abstaining from food all-together, we are encouraged to give up something we enjoy--the idea being that it will give us more time to spend building our relationship with God. (I am really watering this down--hence why I provided the link... plus my family is Methodist and my grandmother was Catholic until she married my grandfather so I am pretty sure I may have a blended explanation of Lent.)

I have decided to abstain from shopping (for myself) as one of my "fast". Lucky for me I bought these bad boys Saturday before I realized I was giving up shopping. I got them from a local store here in Gainesville named "Urban Thread". They get the catalog returns from stores like J.Crew and Urban Outfitters and sell them WAY below store price. I got these for 50 bucks AND they are J. Crew! WHAT WHAT?! Even if I did get these Saturday, it might as well be my Mardi Gras. I seriously feel like I am 5 again going through my cowboy boots phase because I have worn these EVERYDAY since I bought them--no joke.(The bottom is more of a brown color;  they just photograph blackish...)

Hopefully these are enough to hold me over until April 4 when I may shop freely again. I feel like me and the Big Guy are going to be pretty chummy by the end Lent.

Til next post,



  1. lol i like your bad boys! i feel bad because i didn't realize that lent was here!! whoops...hmm i can still start late right?

  2. i would always just find the thing i like the most that i hadnt already done and give that up for lent if i missed the ash wednesday begining? jesus knows your heart though, so as long as the intention is there, i dont think he'd really care...? im one of those salad bar Christians at times. haha :-/