Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's that saying about doors closing and windows opening again?

This week has totally sucked... that is a fact. So instead of bitching about it, I decided to talk about the silver lining in what has been going on.

My team and I  are no longer working with the college of medicine for our fashion show; instead, we are working with Gators United for Haiti. I'm still not sure how I feel about this change, especially considering how the change happened, but that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that this is the new charity. Our school has pledged to raise $50,000.00 and I hope that our event can bring in 10% of it.

We have also decided to co-sponsor with two other organizations on our campus, Gators Going Green, and VISA. VISA is the largest umbrella organization on campus and  it is made up of 7 or 8 large multicultural organizations and countless other contributing organizations. We have changed the name of the show to "Take Me There: An Eco-chic Fashion Event Benefiting Gators United for Haiti " and plan on featuring eco-chic trends from around the world. I am always up for a challenge so I am stoked for this. The only drawback is that the day of the event has been moved forward from April 3 to March 22. At first I was not happy about this change of date, but after I realized Easter is April 4, I felt SO much better about the change.

The best news of the week is that I may have gotten Solstice Sunglass Boutique. I am always in there, so I figured I would ask the manager what she thought about the idea. Well, she LOVED it, and is telling her District Manager about it.I'll know for sure by Thursday what's up, so keep your fingers crossed for me and my team si vous plait.

My team and I are so stoked to finally have things moving in the right direction. My friend Lacie Ann is working on fund-raising for the event and I am stoked to have her on board for this project. Her roommate Krista is also working on the event with us. Now that the dates are in place, I feel more comfortable contacting a stylist I know so after my SG meeting tonight, I'll email them--unless they read this first in which case I am apologizing in advance for you reading this before I got to you. hahaa. One of my other friends is also helping with the event but has yet to start blogging, so I can't link to a page.

Well, the meeting is about to start, but just thinking about the event made my day from hell much better... I'll hop on later to clean up the post.

Sources: Gators United for Haiti/ VISA/ Solstice--did one of those Google searches I am famous for and picked the picture I liked most... Our store is much better than the picture I found, but the Solstice site pretty much blows so I did what I had to do. Quand meme, c'est la vie!


  1. Hahha are you talking about me dahhhling:)

  2. that i am molls! haha. i actually ended up having lunch with Robyn today, and was telling her all about it--she's really stoked. i ran everything by our programing adviser and he's completely on board now, so we are solid to really jump in now if you're still game. i'll hit you up with an email/fb message by 2pm thursday.

  3. sounds like a lot of work is involved in this so i hope it turns out perfectly for you!!

  4. thanks D. after my round of meetings today, i really have nothing but good feelings about the event.

  5. I'm so proud of you! It's definitely going to be a great event, especially with all of the hard work and effort everyone has been putting in! You did a great job of explaining it all here! See you tomorrow :)