Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's new with the fashion show?

Sorry I haven't updated y'all lately on the fashion show. The day of the show is getting SO close and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make sure everything is perfect.

Getting all the new stores to commit is a head ache, but will so be worth it. If all goes well, we will be working with Banana Republic,Body Shop (the make-up store), bebe, SolsticeLilly Pulitzer (Via The Colorful Gator), Buckle, American Apparel, Indigo Denim Co., Wolfgang, and Urban Thread (this sick store that sells Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Anthroplogie at discount prices--even though it's all new). All of these amazing stores paired with the eco-chic jewelry being lent to us by The Harn Museum, and all the amazing cultural wear VISA's members own will surely help make this a fashion show my campus will be talking about until...well... forever! haha.

We are using one of the ballrooms in our student union to host the event, and have decided to mirror the more modern runways designers have been favoring. Michael Kors showed his Spring/Summer 2010 line AND his Recent Fall 2010 line on this sort of runway--notice the turn and second stretch the models make once they've finished the first stretch? We have adapted this runway to fit our needs though and have decided rather than have two models on the same stretch, we'll just have them turn and walk down another stretch and then exit. (I'm sure we will have video of the night, so I'll just post it once I have access to it.)

The participating organizations are starting to submit their models, so I'm thinking that after this weekend, Molls, Krista, and Diva (the blogless stylist) will be able to start putting the looks together. So long as everything is photographed by March 5, I  will be able to mix and match looks, accessories, and models on my way to and from  Kentucky on March 12th and 14th. AHHH.. I'm so excited!If this were my job, I'd seriously bee the happiest guy in the world! I'm getting to produce a fashion show AND help a charity out.

I think that's pretty much everything for the show... I'll probably blog again about the show once we get everything official--that will all be done no later than Tuesday, God willing.

Well, its off to bed for me, but I really wanted to update y'all on the progress of the event. It has consumed my life to the point of not being able to even blog about it. haha.

Till next post,


Sources: Did one of my famous Google searches  headless chicken and took the one I liked the most/ Molls's Blog/ Krista's Blog/ Facebook creepin' on my part for photo of Diva (I actually know her though so I don't count that as complete creepin'.)


  1. Loveeeee it! Thanks for the shout out love! Can't wait to finally meet you!

  2., youve been a huge help whether you know it or not... and i cant wait to meet you either!