Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Am I Doing In The Peace Corps?!

Hey Guys!

Sorry to have been a flake. Those last days of undergrad were a beast, but guess what?! I'm done! (Well, I have one more assignment, but that is not due till the 28th, and I'll have it knocked out by the Tuesday Morning, so its all good.)

I was able to meet with a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) who is currently in middle of no where South America, but who has my slated assignment which is "Community Development with a Focus in Youth". He has been able to accomplish so much in his year there thus far that it inspired me to start thinking.

I have started a second blog, "What Am I Doing In The Peace Corps?!" that I hope all of you all follow. Internet is pretty limited in most, if not all, the Peace Corps cites, so I figured I'd simply: 1)create a blog, and 2)create a listserv of sorts to keep everyone up to date on whats going on in Africa.

Now that I have finished this post, I am going to switch blogs, and work on the new one for a minute so I can have something ready for friends and family members who will be getting their announcements soon.

Peace out homies,



  1. so you're already in it?! that's awesome : ) when do you leave??

  2. Although I'm upset that you have been a flake lately, I will find it deep in my heart to graciously forgive you, as only someone as mad chill as myself is capable of. Please post a blog soon of the fashions you'll be wearing in Africa, and by that, I mean the fashions African women will be wearing. Don't worry, I won't jump on you.

    Yours truly,
    Mad Chill