Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who said DC has to be boring?!

As promised, here is one of the many looks I am putting together for my female friends heading up to DC for work and internships. I call this look, "The Budding Intern".

Both women I am dressing for  DC will be working in the more conservative circles on The Hill, so I tried to keep that in mind while playing with looks. I basically thought of everything I, or any other well-dressed man, would wear on The Hill, and made it feminine. (As mentioned, these girls will be in more conservative circles, but that doesn't mean we can't take a little tongue-in-cheek to their look, and make them stand out for all the right reasons!)

Before you jump on me...
  • The flip flops are used when going from one building to another--there is no way a girl could do DC in 4 in. pumps, and live to tell the tale. 
  • The bag is actually 14in. x 13in. x 6in. so they can use it as a place to keep documents--and the pair of shoes they aren't wearing.
  • TIME magazine-or any other intellectual publication-IS A MUST for any DC commute. ("Small talk" in DC is a whole different ball game, so you have to stay on your toes."
  • Smart phones truly are a must! (How are you suppose to keep up with your schedule AND the schedule of someone else simultaneously? A traditional planner is also a must-we'll just say its in the bag for now. )
  • I purposely chose a metal watch over a leather watch because I believe using a leather watch will make the look TOO masculine and TOO old. 
  • Glasses are truly anyone's best friend; whether prescription or personality, they give people what I call "smart points" off the bat.
Now that this look has been posted/explained, be on the look out for more!

As always,

Happy blogging!


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.


  1. Come on Ebben Wiley Bell (I refuse to use your mad chill signature until stop embarassing me), that outfit is SO two seasons ago. What the hell were you thinking?...

    -Mad Chill-