Friday, November 6, 2009

What IS the point of school?


So, here's the deal... I am currently sitting in a class that bores me to the point that I am actually considering giving up a road trip and a few weeks of partying in order to pay the fee to drop it.

I seriously came to class, to have the instructor re-read the syllabus to us. WTF?! We have four weeks of school left! There really is no point to re-vamping the class at this point.

I am pretty much frustrated because this class has nothing to do with anything. There IS potential within the subject of the course for us to pull from, but the teacher pretty much blows at facilitating discussion. Instructors like this are the reason I know that I want to become a professor.

This instructor cannot be more than 8 years older than me; what credibility does she have to be teaching me? Home-girl lives in the books, not the real world. I am not saying that you have to be old to be an instructor, but I believe one should actually HAVE experience in the field they teach.

I plan on actually having a career for 20+ years, and then eventually "retiring" into professorship.

Class just ended, but I will be using this blog to tweak the skills which will make me more competitive in whatever part of the real-world I plan on eventually ending up in. I will be posting school projects, as well as random commentaries on various random topics that interest me, so get excited!.

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