Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why not? It's been almost two weeks!


I decided to take a break from blogging because I realized I was blogging to avoid homework... After about two weeks of not blogging, I realized that it does not matter if I blog or not because I somehow manage to find something else to occupy my time.

Might as well be somewhat productive--in my not being productive-- and broadcast what I AM actually accomplishing in my life these days.

One of the the major projects on my plate is the planning and execution of a conference on my campus. It will be sponsored by a Student Government Agency (S.T.A.A.R--Students Taking Action Against Racism) at my university. The working title is "Deconstructing Racism". I'll come back and add in all the links within the next few days.

The next major project I am working on is a fashion show to bring awareness about malaria in third world countries. The idea is to construct garments out of mosquito net-like material and have aspiring designers compete against each other in a "Project Runway"-like manor. The organization that is putting this event on is Recurso--an amazing non-profit organization organization on my campus that is based on global, humanitarian work.

I am also serving as a liaison of sorts between my University's Student Government and the committee organizing the world's largest water balloon fight! All proceeds from the event are going to help fund research for a breast cancer cure. I'm extremely excited to serve on this committee.

That's the main stuff I can think of right now that is my campus involvement life. I know I am missing something, but I cannot really worry about that right now--I'll figure it out when I build my calender for next term.

I'll be back later to just blog about my opinions on the news. Get excited!

Until then,
Take care!



  1. that fashion contest/charity event sounds so cool. you need to post pictures of these amazing things you're doing!

  2. haha.. yeah, im really werid... i'd like to think i have a great eye...but im more of the visionary type... i dream up everything,and then assemble a team to make it happen... but i will def have a blog devoted to the event when it happens.