Monday, January 11, 2010

Why am I obsessed with Moleskine?


I have my first official must-have item that I am recommending to y'all! After only  making use of this nifty little notebook for the last three days, I have decided to go on record and declare my belief that EVERY PERSON should have a Moleskine notebook in their life.

I purchased the Plain Notebook- Pocket in the three pack at my school's book store, and its position in my life is already up there in the ranks with my BlackBerry! I see why Hemingway, Picasso, and Van Gogh are amongst the many greats who utilize notebooks like these. They provide THE perfect place to jot down everything from your everyday to-do list to your avant-garde haute couture sketches . Not only are these little gems extremely practical (there is seriously a Moleskine for ANYTHING you can think of) , they are mad stylish.

Oh, I almost forgot, Moleskine is a socially responsible company! It feels great to support a brand with a conscious!

***Update-- 12 Jan 2010... I have already gifted two of these must have items to friends... I need to stock up so that I can pull and Oprah and pass these out to all my friends.

Sources:  and for the photo, did one of those Google Image searches and picked the one I liked most...( I'm going to need to get better about citing these :-/)

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  1. thank you for the recommendation! no joke, i will definitely treat myself to one of these because i'm addicted to books...walden books is closing 2 stores in my town, everything is 60-80% off...yeah, imagine it lol