Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do you ever need a little "Twang"?

I think I've been listening to too much country music. I heard George Strait's "Twang" the other night and it made me homesick for Texas. (Don't get it twisted, Texas isn't as back woods as people make it seem. I actually spend most of my time in Texas in cities, BUT my fondest memories of Texas are those of Sunday afternoons fishing in the Gulf with my Dad and my uncle, of Summers with cousins on the gazebo, and of weekends spent getting into trouble on my uncle's ranch.)I know it is YEARS down the road, but I want my kids to have the best of both worlds--all the culture city has to offer, with the morals of the south I grew up with. Whatever the case, the song inspired me to create a look I like to call "The Ranch Hand".

(Now that I am looking at it, I can actually pull this look together from my mom's dad's closet. He's from Arkansas and dresses along these lines...Man I need a themed party to go to because I really want to wear look out somewhere. haha)

Happy Bloggin',


Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.


  1. always dress how you feel. one day i wanna be jackie o the next day i wanna be nicole richie thats what fashion is all about and a fashion lover can pull off any style!

  2. i've been to texas a couple of times and loved it...this one place was so clean the 7-11 had no oil stains in the parking lot or anything LOL next time i go to that place i'm taking pictures because it's unbelievable.

    onto the fit: you better wear that!! don't wait for a costume party lol

  3. oh, i'd never wear that to class, but i'd so wear it to :08 (the country club in gainesville) or The Dallas Bull (the country club in Tampa).

    it's my last semester in Gainesville,and i have a pretty easy schedule, so i'm sure my calendar will have plenty of social activities on it. haha

    thanks for the support!