Monday, January 25, 2010

How did I get this lucky?!

Saturday Night was CRAZY. Lisa and I were hands down one of the best Ken and Barbie pairs at our friends birthday party, but I think I have finally learned my lesson. Sunglasses--properly croakied or not-- and alcohol DO NOT mix. While helping a friend to the car, I guess my Maui's slipped off my corakies, and fell in the parking lot. I honestly don't even know how I realized they were missing but I did. Lisa and I got our inebriated friend home, and I headed back to complex where the party was at to retrace my steps. I'm 99.999987% sure my beloved shades got ran over, but after I took hem in to Solstice the next day, one would never know. I guess the hinge or something was popped and the screw needed to be tightened. I am going on record and officially endorsing Maui Jim Sunglasses! They are absolutely amazing and I swear for them to go through the hell I put them through, they are solid shades.But seriously, I am going to do better. I think God is getting tired of my frantic prayers to find lost designer items. :-/


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