Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wait, what? Green really IS the new black? Who would have thought?

I can't lie, I was a bit upset when I watched the latest episode of Project Runway. I feel like the producers and I were totally on the same page with this challenge. If you remember, I blogged about an event I am working on very similar to this a while back... This posses an interesting challenge--if our event continues to be planned, and I say if because it is an if now due to the bureaucracy of organizations-- then I feel that we are definitely going to have to make sure to give the designers more than burlap.

Now that I am done licking my wounds... time to talk about my favorites of the episode.

Amy Sarabi totally impressed me. I LOVE the technique she used to die her fabric and I love the depth she created by layering the skit. I believe the neckline is flawless and the back is everything the word sexy embodies.


Ben Chmura wowed me as well. I LOVE his interpretation of a cocktail dress. To me it's post-WWII with a twist of today.

I think I liked Anthony Williams the second best of the night. This dress is amazing and I am pretty sure it would sell itself if it were on the wracks. I love the draping of the skirt and I really do feel that everything about this dress is on point.

NOW that I have blogged...I guess I should finish the episode. I kinda fell asleep while watching it last night. :-/ Oh  well, than God for ninjavideo! I do not know what I would do without it.


p.s. The title of this post really is just me blowing off some steam because the fashion show I have been working on may not be happening anymore. I'm talking with the programing adviser tomorrow, but I don't know what to expect. He's already had us change the charity as well as the venue and contributing partners. I know life happens, but this event isn't even feeling like the event my team and I have been working on. Sleep fixes everything so I may just turn it in early tonight...

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