Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it too early to start shopping for Spring Break?


I know I need to undo the damage I did this holiday season, but check out my  first planned purchase for Spring Break. I know Spring Break is not until March 6, but it's not like I'll be  shopping any between now and then, plus I already know I have a spot at GUESS? when I return, so I figure it's okay to salivate over this watch until I may purchase it with my discount.

You see,  I will be spending the last few days of my Spring Break in Louisville, Kentucky possibly presenting at SROW- an annual orientation workshop where orientation leaders from across the South come together to swap techniques and stories. For two days, you dress like a freshman-meaning, you are decked out from head to toe in nothing but your school's paraphernalia-and prove to other schools that you have more school spirit than them. 

This is my staff at last year's SROW which took place at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. Do you understand why I already have my eye on that watch? I also know that I'll need to buy a Gator scarf and Gator toboggan because it may still be cold in Louisville while we are visiting.

Man I'm excited for Spring Break!

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