Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who was best dressed in your eyes?

Penelope Cruz and Toni Collette tie for best dressed in my eyes. I love the the three different parts to Penelope's dress, and I'm not going to lie, the umbrella (though I know not an intended accessory adds a bit of a classic twist to the dress-think 18th/19th century parasol). I cannot say enough good things about Toni Collete's dress. I LOVE the beading, neckline and silhouette. I missed her red-carpet arrival but definitely took note when she won for "United States of Tara". (Great show by the way!)

Now you all may be wondering who wins the award for worse dressed of the night... There were just so many, but if you were watching the same show as I was, I think you will agree with me when I announce Mariah Carey (and her "golden globes") as my choice for for worse dressed.To be honest, she may not have been THE worse dressed person there, but the cleavage and hair, and drunken demeanor was just a huge turn off.

Who do you think was best dressed? Who were your favorites and least favorites of the night?

Sources: eonline.com


  1. love love love penélope and i TOTALLY wasn't expecting toni to look that fabulous!


  2. carey looks so pregnant in that dress : / but i like penelope's : )