Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is "green" the new black?

As I mentioned in a much earlier post, I am currently working on a charity fashion show event. Originally, I was working with an organization to bring awareness about malaria to my campus. Where as I totally support educating people about malaria and raising funds to prevent the spread of malaria, it was always my vision to work with a more local/tangible cause... Looks like my vision is becoming a reality...

One of my good friends works with the Senior Associate Dean for External Affairs for the University of Florida College of Medicine to manage their Mobile Outreach Clinic. The Mobile Outreach Clinic is basically this bus the College of Medicine tricked out to serve as a mobile clinic here in the greater Gainesville/Alachua County Area. I honestly cannot even say how excited I am to help raise money for this cause.

Now that green, and giving green , is the new black, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to capitalize on this trend for The Mobile Outreach Clinic. The current plan goes as follows:
  • Arrange a "Project Runway" like competition amongst local designers here in Gainesville
  • Have designers  complete 2-3 looks (hey we are college students first and school IS our first priority) from sustainable materials such as burlap, linen, and cheesecloth
  • Showcase these looks in the tradition of the old Parisian Houses--rather than have one runway with stacked seating, have the models walk a path through the house, thus allowing everyone "front row seating"
  • Utilize President's House at the University of Florida to host the gala/ fashion show (It is a BEAUTIFUL and will serve as the perfect venue for this event.)
  • At the end of the night, have the attendees of the event place their donations to the Mobile Outreach Clinic in baskets designated for their favorite designer
  • Declare the designer that has the greatest amount of donations (in terms of total dollar amount) in their basket the winner
  • Hit up every store we can think of  for contributions to the "accessory closet"
  • Auctioned off in a silent auction all donated items with proceeds going to the Mobile Outreach Clinic.
Now some of you all may be thinking to yourself, "WTF? Who wants to wear burlap and such earthy materials?!" WELL, I have news for you all. GREEN really is (and arguably has been) the new black. With socially conscious clothing companies such as So-Me, TOMS, EDUN, and American Apparel improving the socially conscious model, it makes perfect sense that the fashion industry would provide their twist to ensure their clientele remain amongst the vanguard of the society.  

Check out this collection of green accessories from some of the great fashion houses.
And here is a  look from  Mui Mui Spring 2009 RTW (which was very eco-chic)  as well as a bag from Burberry and a bag from  Fendi.

I only have three months to make my vision a reality but I am determined to succeed. I have faith that come April, I will be in the President's House thinking to myself --and most likely saying to anyone who will listen,  "Damn this truly is amazing".  I have been blessed with an amazing support system here at UF, and I am confident that so long as we pull our resources, this event will take place, and we will be successful in raising mad funds for the Mobile Outreach Clinic. 

So, am I right? Is "green", whether one is sporting it, or giving it, the new black?






  1. daaaamn, work it! can't wait to see pics and hear more about this process...so exciting! i've never done anything like this, even though i used to daydream of being an event planner. too much work for a lazy bum like me, but i know you can do it!!

    did you see I wanna work for Diddy? lol you should watch the episode where they try to throw together a fashion show in 48 hours...inspiration? tips on what not to do? a good laugh? i dunno = ] <3

  2. haha...D (because I am assuming your name is Dawna, if not, my bad... haha. i kinda like D because it reminds me of CLUELESS), you have to stop talking down about yourself... i never understood what my parents meant when they said, "you have to speak things into existence" until i got to college. it's kinda a snowball of sorts... like, when i tell people about ambitions i have for myself, it makes me answer to myself more, you know? then it also helps because the people i surround myself with help build me up, and i vibe off their energy, you know? (the ney-sayers weed themselves out which is also a great benefit, because who wants negative people around them?)but only God knows what "too much work" is, so i figure so long as the big man is lining things out for me, all i can do is keep on trucking along, and keep on learning, you know?

    as for the "i wanna work for Diddy"... i must say, i have not had the privilege of watching that show... i'll look for it though... one of the girls working with me on the event arranged a charity brunch and fashion show for her sorority last year so she has proved to be an invaluable resource.

    this project is near and dear to me though because it combines two things that i LOVE--fashion and charity... i am sure you will be reading more about it as things materialize. haha

  3. Ebben! This is an amazing idea! I would love to help you with this in some aspect of styling like helping style the models for the show! I was the head stylist for our local Nordstrom's Anniversay Sale fashion show. Id love to be involved and add the styling to my portfolio I'm attempting to build. This is such a fab idea. Another green line my friend works for is C Marchuska. Look them up. Let me know doll XOX

  4. Molls! I'd love to have you on board! God-willing, we'll have approval to proceed by the end of the night--gotta love bureaucracy...I'll def keep you posted and hit you up as soon as I get the official green light... I thought I had the green light already, but didn't...whoops... oh well, such is life... all I can do is keep truckin' right? haha