Friday, December 18, 2009

What have I done?!

(This is a longer one... but so worth the read....and I'm not just saying that...haha)

"Whoops" is all I can say.

After starting the day off rather uneventfully, my friend, my sister and I decided to hit up International Plaza--Tampa's premier mall. Originally, I was only going for the purpose of trying on those aviators from yesterday's post and to make sure I knew my sister's size at GUESS? in cause I decided to grab a pair for her as a gift. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

We started off going by Coach so I could see if my sister liked the wristlet I bought here for Christmas. Because she had no idea that I had already bought it, she was brutally honest in her dislike of the item. (Needless to say, I returned that later on in the evening when she wasn't with us.)

The girl at the store though was pretty chill though and we ended up chatting it up for at least half an hour. Some how, my eyes fell on a pair of sneakers, and before I knew it, I was walking out the store, the proud owner of a new pair of shoes.

After Coach, we went to GUESS? where I learned that the aviators I fell in love with are not available in our store. BUZZ KILL! So I tried on the pair I THOUGHT were the pair I liked and decided that I would just order them online.

Nordstom is the anchor nearest to GUESS? so we decided to pop in. At Nordstrom, my sister saw a pair of TOMS she liked. Even though the sales guy was a complete douche, and I will go on record and say that was THE WORST experience I have had shopping at Nordstrom, I went ahead and bought them for her on the spot--we are just going to fake the giving of the gift Christmas morning.

Fast-forward a few hours...

My friend and I decided to hit up the Coach at Westfield Brandon Shopping Center to exchange my sister's gift for something else. My mom has loved Coach since she was a little girl, so I know that I can never go wrong with something from there for her. I decided to swap my sister's gift for a black leather wristlet to go with the bag dad just got her for her birthday. Even though my mom has handbags out the butt, she doesn't have anything she can use to just "grab and go", so I figure she can use this at the gym for her phone, keys, and ID.

I still need to get my dad's present, but I figured I'd let the bank account recoup for a minute before I do my patriotic duty to further re-stimulate the economy. I mean, I know I did really well in terms of cashing in on deals; but man, I so didn't plan on spending that much today. Oh well, what's done is done and can't be undone. (I wouldn't even consider returning something. It's almost a sin to me--I think it just comes from working retail or something.)

Cost Break Down:
(I round up because I'm lazy)
Brown Wristlet- $39 (tax included after 25% customer appreciation discount)
Coach Sneakers- $53 (tax included after crazy mark down)
Navy Blue TOMS- $49 (tax included--no deals here)
Black Wristlet- $9 (tax included after Brown total applied to price of item)
GUESS? Aviators-$46 (tax included after 50% employee discount and waived shipping)



  1. wowww those sound like some good deals to me! holiday shopping can be so stressful but it's smart to let the person see what you're getting them to gauge their reaction! LOL love that...

    and you are too hilarious, I'm liking your laid back approach to life. I feel the same way. I may not know what i'm doing exactly, but at least i'm doing something?

    back off, all you people asking me what i wanna do with my life!! = D

  2. I am going to laugh the first time I see you wearing those shoes :)