Wednesday, December 16, 2009

pourquoi dois-je l'amour lunettes de soleil?!

Ok guys, I need your help!

As you all know, I decided to work at GUESS? for the holiday season. I honestly thought I would be able to make it a whole month without spending money on myself. Who was I kidding?!

This Friday, it's employee appreciation day or something like that, and we are getting 50% off anything in the store--our discount is normally only 40% off.

I know that means I can get two pair of shades for one, but I really only want one pair of aviators for my collection. I have a pair of Maui Jim's , Oakley's and Armani's (all in various styles) but I do not own any aviators. There is simply a "je ne sais quoi" aviators have about them that lure me in.

Well, I've taken enough of your time... here goes the choices...

So I am drawn to these first because they are black with silver accents. The problem is that my Armani Shades are black with silver accents.

I feel these are a modern adaptation of the classic aviator. The gold and tortoise combo scream retro to me, and that is why I love them. I am just not sure how I feel about actually wearing gold. *

Thanks A million in advance for the help!



*Ok, so I know I just posted this an hour ago tops, but I have decided to go with the second pair. Black may be classic, but for some reason, the more and more I look at choice one, the more I think of Kanye West and that just translates to douche bag for me. The second pair on the other hand have that jet-set, sophisticated-sexy feel about them.


  1. I was going to say the second one for sure!

  2. I'm a big fan of the tortoise shell ones myself. My RL glasses are tortoise shell and gold and it works :)

  3. i was about to tell you, go for the tortoise!! those are muy hott <3