Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What did I do before Polyvore?!

Ok, here's the deal...

As you all know, I have started using Polyvore to assemble looks around the items I have been purchasing this holiday. Now I am hooked and making up ensembles around items I salivate over on trips to the mall.

I made a new look," The Tardy Student" based off this yellow Ralph Lauren hooded sweatshirt I picked up the other day at Dillard's. I decided that this winter, I need to step it up some. Generally at this time of the year, I bum around in athletic shorts and one of the dozen or so Abercrombie & Fitch hoodies I own. I realize now, that is just not a good look. In creating my polyvore, I learned that Old Navy has some really good button downs. I plan on picking up a few, and going after the look posted below.

Even though you know the true inspiration behind this look, I thought I would post the somewhat fictional  story behind the ensemble that I posted on the polyvore site.

"Simply the perfect hangover outfit: jeans you fell asleep in, shirt fresh off the floor, hoodie to cover the beer stain on the back of the shirt off the floor, house slippers because you threw your shoes into the woods the night before, and most importantly... aviators to block out the light."

Now for the second look... I have not discussed this on the blog, but I LOVE Louis Vuitton. I seriously dream of one day having enough money to commission anything I want from the company. ( I mean, I still need to figure out how I'm going to get to that point, but hey, at least I have motivation to succeed in life right?)

Well, the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite President Classeur Briefcase (and yes, I can say that in French) is one of the pieces I really do salivate over after I leave the Louis store. Here is the look I came up with based on this fine brief case--the Large Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Agenda also makes an appearance in the look I like to call "The Guest Lecturer".

Who knows what the future will hold? Will "The Tardy Student" eventually become "The Young Professor" and become so sought after that he becomes "The Guest Lecturer"?

Oh, who would have known that Polyvore would be so addicting?

Keep you eyes peeled for my next polyvore creation--or at least the next one I believe is blog worthy.

Ebb...aka, the tardy student

Sources: Click the name of the look, and a link will direct you to the polyvore site where the polyvore itself is deconstructed with links to the websites I got the content from.


  1. wow i'm glad you told me about that site. i know nothing about putting looks together so this should help = ]

    guest lecturer=sexy. ok all of them do, but i also love the story behind the tardy student. awesome, keep us posted on polyvore!

  2. yeah, lol, the tardy student may or may not have been based on some combined personal experiences. lol... and molls is amazing-i would always see them on her blog, so i decided to look into it. haha.. its mad therapeutic, and reminds me of that scene from CLUELESS where Cher virtually dresses herself. haha