Friday, December 25, 2009

How did my family manage to surprise me?!

Merry Christmas Y'all!

I just got done chilling with the family in the living room and making all the holiday calls, but I was so surprised by this years Christmas that I HAD to blog about it as soon as I got free time...

The first box I opened was this amazing pea coat. Surprisingly, my mother ordered it from JCPenny.

The next box I went for ended up being an outfit. I have been borrowing and flat-out taking my dad's dress shirts for longer than I can remember. (They are SO nice, and I just can't afford his style on a college budget, so I do what I have to do--DON'T JUDGE ME! haha.) Well, dad ended up picking out this Thomas Dean shirt that I absolutely love,and plan on wearing into work tomorrow for day after Christmas.

I love working at GUESS? but I'm going to let you in on a little secret--I wear Lucky Brand Jeans to work...shhhhhh, that stays between us. Because mom knows how much I love these jeans, she picked me up a pair at one of the local Lucky Brand Jeans Stores to go with the shirt my dad got me.

As you all know, I live in Florida. If you do not already know, flip-flops are like a staple of the Florida lifestyle. I finally managed to wear out my current flip-flops so my sister got me these sick Sperry Top-Sider flip-flops.

My sister may understand why I live in flip-flops, but mom and dad do not share my appreciation for them.Dad surprised me once again with these amazing St. John's Bay driving shoes in black! I must say, Daddy Bell has more style than I give him credit for. haha.

All in all, I must say, that even though I did not get one thing on my Christmas wish list, some how my family manged to actually get me items that were that much better!

I got some other random stuff, but I just wanted to blog about the clothing items. I am still in awe at how well my family did this year!

Hope everyone's Christmas was amazing and that everyone is enjoying their family time like I am!


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  1. JCPenny is a secret gem! I find the best stuff there!

  2. dude, you're telling me! i used to buy button downs from there when i was late to GUESS? and had nothing to wear. JCPenny shirt < $15 or GUESS? shirt > $40 (AFTER 40% employee discount)...JCPenny won every time. :-D

  3. wow they do have style, they did really well! lol i'm shocked. i never do that well for people!

    and i did the same thing when i could, stealing shirts from my mom. dresses, shoes, whatever cuz we wore the same size for a long time (yea she's pretty little lol)

    i love your response to my post. totally agree with word choice, i'm so picky about it. i'll go back and think, eh, this would have been a better word.......haha it's encouraging to hear about your rents btw.

    and, no, YOU keep up the good work!! ; )

  4. haha... yeah, they too are still surprised by how well they did ... :-D

    and i will do my best to keep it up. haha. thanks for the motivation!