Saturday, December 19, 2009

Does this constitute a problem?


I am 99.999997% sure that I have developed a new obsession. To be honest, I don't even think the word obsession is the right word. I am like IN LOVE with Aviator Sunglasses, and truly believe everyone should have at least one pair of these iconic American eye-wear in their collection. Even though I already ordered my GUESS? aviators, I still wondered into at least five stores to try on these six pair of aviators today. Here they are in no particular order...

Louis Vuitton: Absolutely love these and would buy them in a heart beat if I had the money to blow--it goes on the "motivation list" as I like to call it. ($530)

Burberry: These looked great on me, but not as much a hit as the Vuitton's. Realistically, I'd rather save for the Vuitton's than buy these--had I not seen the Vuttions I'd love them more. ($225)

Gucci: I really liked these, because they remind me of the ones I blogged about the other day. I am not sure if I'd actually buy these or not, but I do like them. ($275)

Michael Kors: Fell in LOVE with these. I may like these just as much as I like the LV's but for a different reason...They are just hot! Even though I just bought aviators, I may buy these in January or right before spring break. Who knows? My mind changes with the wind. ($125)

Ray-Ban: Ok, I was IN love with these when they first came out. I am so glad my mother knows me so well, and didn't get them for me for my birthday. I think I just liked the sweat band on the top? ($189)

GUESS?: So, I just found these bad boys today... Whatever have I been doing at work? I have NO idea. Even with the discount, I think I am going to pass, but I still think these are pretty sick. ($90)

And there you have it, around the mall in six frames. Would you buy any of the shades above or is there another pair that has your eye? Also, what do you think about aviators? I'd seriously like to know!

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  1. i love the ones that look unique like the LV and MK...honestly, i don't know much about fashion especially not sunglasses LOL the last pair i bought was from target!!

    but i really like the idea of a motivation list and plan to make one as well. and why do aviators remind of some james bond poolside shades?

  2. hmm.. I know that in Quantom of Solace, Daniel Craig wore a pair of Persol shades, and I want to say that he has a pair of Tom Ford (one of my favorite designers EVER, and not for his connection to GUCCI)aviators as well.

    Another random side note--if you ever see Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt in shades, they are most likely going to be OLIVER PEOPLES. This includes in movies as well.

  3. I am not a big fan of aviators myself, but I must say that the Michael Kors ones are so hot!! I love his "Island" parfums, so it's no wonder to me these glasses are a hit. I like aviators on you for sure, but I think I look terrible in them!! I would get the Kors before the Vuitton; that's just me though. I think the Vuitton's are a bit too much, but they are still nice. Kors ones are nicer though!!

    ps. sorry this took so long to post!!
    i am just getting used to this!!