Sunday, May 9, 2010

What will I do this time with out my GUESS? discount?!

SO, GUESS? is doing an employee appreciation weekend were everything is marked down 50% and I have been taking full advantage of it because I am going to be gone come June.

Earlier in the week, my sister picked out an EXTREMELY early birthday gift (the big ass bag to the left) and then I went and found the matching wallet that came in later in the week.

Momma Bell has her eyes on these beauties. All three of them are GORGEOUS in person.What we're going to end up doing, I have no idea what so ever, haha.

 I went ahead picked up Daddy Bell's Father's Day Gift (which I'm not going to post in case he stumbles across this from my Peace Corps Blog).

I am going to miss working at GUESS?. My co-workers are an amazing bunch of people, and we all have so much fun there. The discounts are simply the icing on the cake. As sad as I am to leave GUESS?, I am just as excited to be going into the Peace Corps, and hey, and at least I got a good, last go around of gifts for the family.IF I remember--which is already only 50/50 at best--I will clue you all in on Daddy Bell's Father's Day gift. I'll be going to Africa on June 21 so I already know my mind will be in a million other places.

Well, I'm off to nap!

Happy bloggin' y'all!

Ebben Wiley



  1. how generous of you!! what are the ups and downs of working at Guess and what is your position there?

  2. D, I am SO sorry... I just saw this comment... (It's been a crazy month for me, as you will see in my next few post...)

    Officially, I was a sells associate at GUESS?; however, I have always pretty much been a "team leader" of sorts. My sells were always amongst the highest-if not highest- and my returns were amongst the lowest-if not the lowest-when they tracked for returns.

    One of the major ups for working at GUESS? is the 40% discount at GUESS? and all stores in the family(Marciano, GUESS? by Marciano, G by GUESS?, GUESS? Factory Stores, and GUESS? Accessory Stores). I also LOVED the team of individuals I worked with on a daily basis. I started working at GUESS? summer after I graduated high school, and continued to work at GUESS? on as many holidays and breaks as possible until this summer when I was invited to serve in the Peace Corps.

    The only down that I could see to working at GUESS? is "go backs". There is actually a joke amongst those who work retail that our closets are a mess because we are so over straightening other peoples messes, that we just don't do it at home. You also have to work a great deal during any and every holiday. I don't mind half the time, but there are times where you would just like to sleep in like the rest of America, and just chill with the family.

    I am going to miss it greatly though, and not just because of the discount.LOL.